We want to THANK EVERYONE who contributed to Actors and Others in honor of Betty White’s 100th birthday. We know Betty would be bowled over by the overwhelming response to help so many animals and organizations. We are still counting all of the wonderful donations, but estimate that we have raised about $25,000. We will use these funds to provide free spay/neuter surgeries with a special promotion. Betty has left as her legacy an enduring spirit of love, kindness and respect for the animals who share our homes and our hearts.

A Look Back

Betty White
Betty White
Betty White
Betty White
AOA Celebrity Fair event at The Burbank Studio Ranch.
1990s - AOA hosted their first Fashion Show for their 20th Anniversary in 1991. The cast of 'The Golden Girls' served as chairpersons.
1990s - AOA hosted their first Fashion Show for their 20th Anniversary in 1991. With AOA President Emeritus, Earl Holliman.
1990s - In 1994, Betty joined Lloyd Bridges to serve as Chairpersons of that year's Fashion Show.
1990s - 1994 Fashion Show, with current President, JoAnne Worley.
2000s - Another AOA fashion show event with Chairperson Diane Keaton.
2000s - AOA fashion show event, with Mr. Winkle!
In 2005 AOA hosted the 'Celebrity Roast of Betty White' which was attended by many of her friends including Fred Willard, Tom Poston & Suzanne Pleshette, Alex Trebek, Ed Asner and Cloris Leachman.
In 2005 AOA hosted the 'Celebrity Roast of Betty White' which was attended by many of her friends including Fred Willard, Tom Poston & Suzanne Pleshette, Alex Trebek, Ed Asner and Cloris Leachman.
2005 - AOA 'Celebrity Roast of Betty White' with Ed Asner.
In 2011 AOA celebrated our 40th Anniversary by saluting Betty, and we introduced the 'Betty White Inspiration Award.' This event was attended by her co-stars from 'Hot in Cleveland,' Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick, as well as Jamie Lee Curtis, AOA President JoAnne Worley, Loretta Swit, Georgia Engel, Susan Lucci, Ken Howard, and MANY more.
2011 - AOA 40th Anniversary Tribute to Betty, President JoAnne Worley & Loretta Swit
2011 - AOA 40th Anniversary Tribute to Betty, 'Hot in Cleveland' co-stars, Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick & Jane Leeves
2011 - AOA 40th Anniversary Tribute to Betty, Georgia Engel
2011 - AOA 40th Anniversary Tribute to Betty, Jamie Lee Curtis
2011 - AOA 40th Anniversary Tribute to Betty, Jennifer Love Hewitt
Betty and Actors and Others for Animals Betty and Actors and Others for Animals

The philosophy behind the establishment of Actors and Others for Animals in 1971 was to utilize celebrity support to draw media attention on the plight of animals and influence needed change. Betty White was an early enthusiast and remained so throughout her life. We are so grateful to Betty for using the strength of her star power to bring attention to our work to protect and care for animals in need.

We were privileged to have Betty serve on our Board of Directors, and honored her ourselves, first in 2005 with a Roast and a 2011 Toast in celebration of our 40th anniversary during which we introduced the Betty White Inspiration Award. When talking about the importance of spay/neuter, Betty always said that there was no secret to the source of pet overpopulation. "It’s not rocket science. It's simple arithmetic."

As a cartoon making the rounds exclaims "It says so much about your life and legacy if people think you died too soon at 99."

Thank you, Betty, for being a friend!

Make a Contribution Make a Contribution
Thank You for Your Contribution Thank You for Your Contribution
Name Message
Purina PetCare In memory of Betty White. Thank you for being a friend to pets.
Wilda George For the animals and Betty.
Susan Benavidez You will always be a friend to all animals. We miss you.
MeaLynn Tonnu Thank you for what Betty has done. We love our furry friends.
Linda Zimmerman In memory of Mona, Bettie & Isis.
Tonya Szerdahelyi Donation from Mary B. Esposito Living Trust, dated July 2009.
Dee Ann Newkirk Kids raised these funds from a lemonade stand!
Bethany Hacker You will always be my friend.
Jo Robinson You were truly an inspiration for living in the moment! :O)
Caren Liebman Wish I could give more.
Dannii Ceniceros On behalf of Home2 Suites by Hilton.
Jennifer Threadgill Thank you for being such a role model on so many different levels.
Brian Barge Donation for my wife, Mary's Birthday.
Patricia M. Jimenez In honor of Betty's 100th. R.I.P dear lady.
Adam Bobrow Bless you, Betty White. In honor of our beloved Honey Bear and Brandy.
Beth Adolph Was a member of Actors and Others 48 years ago! Happy birthday Betty White!
Lynn Ann Leveridge Thanks for all the good work you do.
Arlene Cuellar In memory and honor of Betty White 💕
Nancy Withrow Betty was a one of a kind. A true gem.
Jackie Burrelle This donation is being made in memory of the great humanitarian Betty White.
Cassandra Pierson In memory of Betty White.
Michelle Devan Thank you, Betty White. 💖
Steve Bower Thanks to Wesley Eure for bringing this to the light, may god bless Betty White for caring enough to love all animals.
Ginny Stevenson What an amazing woman, and what great work she did to help all animals....with dedication & love.
Marsha Barnet In honor of Betty White, a lover of all animals.
Donald Anderson HAPPY 💯, DEAR BETTY WHITE! 🌹
Alan Bosshardt Donating in honor of Betty.
Adrian Ramirez Happy Birthday Betty White. Thank you for all of your contributions while on Earth. May you rest in Heavenly peace.🎂🎉🤗🕊
Rebecca Lilienfeld In memory of Betty White.
Jeri Downham For Betty ❤️
Jeremy Kucharek God Bless Betty and the animals. ♥️
Bethany Redd Thank you for being a friend.
Trisha St. George Happy Birthday Betty! Thank You For ALWAYS Being a Friend to The Animals!
Heather Tucker In honor of the lovely Betty White.
Chrystal Walsh In honor and memory of Betty White's 100th Birthday. The animals are sad today but so grateful for all the lives she touched over the century of her life. As Rose Nylund said, "That's DOG LOVE in your eyes!"
Frank Cicero Thank you for being a friend to all animals, Betty!
Preston Jones As a fellow animal lover, and fan of her comedy, I donate this in honor of Betty White!
Mark Perry Love you Betty!
Patricia O’Sullivan Happy Heavenly 100th Birthday Betty White! God Bless you & all the animals always.❤️
Karen Chiella In honor of Betty White.
Leon Berg In memory of Betty White. I wish I could do more.
D.J. Reiter Thank you for being a friend. May Betty’s memory be a blessing.
Cathy Walden For Betty.
Ash-Leigh Hernandez 💜 In Honor of Betty 💜
Dr. Joyce & Page Miller We celebrate both Betty's advocacy for animals and the entire staff at Actors and Others for Animals dedicated work for the animals!
Juan Cerda Happy 100th Betty! Thank you for being a friend. <3
Florencia Giesseman In honor of a great animal advocate, Betty White, may she rest in peace.
Jay Lowenstein Thank You for being our friend Betty!
Jane Dickson Happy birthday Betty!!
Jeffrey Goodman You are inspirational to humans and a true guardian of animals.The world is a little less bright without you.
Jamie Merrill Happy Birthday Betty! You will always mean so much to so many. We all love and miss you.
Natalia Hawthorne For Betty White. 🖤
Robin Heagy In honor of Betty White.
Leonor & Michele Villa ❤️ In honor and to the memory of Betty White. ❤️
Megan J. Inglish (a.k.a. NoHo Patio) In Betty’s name, please.
Thank You for all you do :)
Crystal Taylor Thanks for taking care of so many animals. I only got to go to one event for Actors and Others before the pandemic stopped us from going to any of these events. And I always hoped we could work together on something. RIP, we've got your mission now.
Breslow Tracy In memory of Betty White
Sidni Totten Happy birthday Betty.
Gregory Packer Happy Birthday Betty White.
Jason Peterson In honor of Betty White.
Maria Anastasia In Memory of Betty White.
Mary Zickefoose For all the animals that Betty White loved so much.
Nic Garcia In honor & loving memory of Betty White.
Yassamin Haririnia Happy Birthday Betty. ❤️
Kelly Hurst 99 years was not long enough but we will continue your work. 🐾 Always in our hearts.
Andrea Gladstone Thank you for all you do... and thank you Betty White for all of your efforts for the animals.
Elsie Kappler Miss you Betty!
Amy Delgadillo $100 Happy Birthday in your honor Betty White.
Ashley Holmes In loving memory of Betty White. Happy Heavenly 100th Birthday!
Tim Sauke Happy birthday, Betty, and thank you for all the joy you brought the world!
Patti Sugarman Lets make Betty White's wishes come true.
John Sands Donation in memory of Betty White.
Dalelin Franklin Happy Birthday Betty! Thank you for caring!
David Mitchell In memory of Betty White.
Stacey Annette In Honor of Betty's 100th and in Memory of Tanner & Porkchop Charlie.
Tami Buenik In honor of Betty White. I was a NBC page on the show Golden Girls. I adored her.
Amanda Downie Happy Birthday, Betty!
Sullivan Hamilton Thank you for everything, Betty!
Tiffany Hizer Happy Birthday Betty White! Thank you for being a friend to all animals!
Angela Farina Donation in honor of Betty White's 100th Birthday.
Kassandra Kesel RIP Betty ❤️
Randi Evans In honor of Artemis, Doris and Betty.
Nicole Sudderth I wish I was able to give more but I have 10 furbabies at home that break the bank lol Happy Birthday Betty. <3
Joseph Madrigal For Robbie and Betty.
Aniya Naughron Thank you for being a friend Betty.<3
Carlos Mitchell In Memory of Betty White.
Christine Culp You will be so missed. Thanks for being you.
Nicole Sampogna To honor a woman who advocated for animals. Thank you for being a friend.
Barbara Jefferies In honor of Betty White.
Cathy McCormick In honor of Betty White! Thank you for decades of tireless work with helping animals! We'll all miss you very much, but your spirit and legacy will live on for the foreseeable future! January 17th will continue to be a celebration of your life, and a day that everyone will donate generously to animal welfare groups - for years to come! Thanks for being a friend!
Esther M Rubin In Honor of Betty White.
Mark Just In memory of Betty White.
Jeanne Hartman Thank you for all your wonderful work. I was blessed to work with Betty year ago and it still brings smiles. Bless you all.
Caroline Wolfe In Honor of Betty White's 100th and my Beloved kitty Lois.
Tracy Franks Happy Birthday Betty!❤️
Andrea Lee In honor of Betty.
Teresa Becker In memory of Betty who loved animals as much as I. She was remarkable as a comedian, human, and animal lover. Her passing is a great loss to us all.
Cathy Miller It's been a real treat to remember such a wonderful lady. Her naughtiness and smile will be missed greatly.
Diane Starzynski Love you for all you’ve done for the furry ones.
Rebecca Peterson In Honor of Betty White. Her delightful contribution to our lives made this world a better place.
Tom Wright For Betty and Grandma Barbara.
Guy Graening May we all be like Betty in her love for animals!
Richard Carnegie $15 in honor of Betty White and doubling it to $30 in appreciation also for Jackie Joseph!
Ilene Graff In honor of Betty White.
Victoria Rendon For Betty and Rose Marie.
Brittany Rodriguez Happy 100th Birthday Betty!
Michael Strauch Thank you, Betty.
Angela Sousa Happy Birthday! You will be missed.
Jody Bugg In memory of Betty White.
Brigette Tines Rest Easy Betty White.
Teri Parker This donation I wish could be more but today I donate what I can in memory of Betty White.
Cheri Watkins In memory of Betty White.
Robert Gombash Happy Birthday, Betty White! Thanks for the years of laughter.
Paula Bautista Jerue Queen knows the secret!!!
Margaret Carey In honor of Betty White.
Deborah Grandys In honor of Betty White. We will miss you.
Stephanie Medlyn In honor of Betty White. Thank you for being a friend to animals.
Deborah Snow In honor of Betty White! A wonderful and caring lady!
Shelly Flicker In Honor of Betty White, and Fred and Mary Willard.
Barbara Doss In memory of beautiful Betty White ❤️ Thank you for being our friend!
Lisa Evora In honor of Betty White. Thank you.
Kirk Weber Happy heavenly birthday Betty!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ in memory of my sweet, sweet Bella and Puss!
Carla Tourin In Memory of the Amazing Betty White!
Carol Krzyzewski In honor and memory of Betty White.
Gary Stein In memory of Betty White. I'd love to see Rainbow Bridge as sh crossed it, completely surrounded by the many animals she loved. Rest In Peace, Betty.
Jaclyn McGrady Happy birthday Betty - thank you fur being a friend.
Sally Daniels In honor of Betty White for her love and compassion to animals, wild and domestic. She will never be forgotten.
Shari Schmitt Happy Birthday!!
Bill Mumy In honor of Betty White from the Bill Mumy Family.
Sherie Pollack Love this group and everyone involved. For Betty. For Mary and Fred Willard.
Jennifer Hughes Thank you Betty White
Else Duff I was honored to meet Betty while volunteering on A & O's Fashion Show events. Much love to Susan Taylor, Cory Carter, and all the wonderful people who work at and volunteer for A & O. Keep up the good work!
Pam Parker Thank you, dear Betty, for all your devotion to our furry friends and all the animals you loved so much. Rest In Peace. We'll take it from here.
Linda Mancini For Betty ...!
Ruth Plummer In memory of Betty White.
Mary Calvaresi Thank you for being a friend
Kiersten Mikelas In Honor of Betty White Ludden ❤️
Holly Foster Wells God bless you, Betty White!
Darla Doxstater In Loving Memory: Peanut, Sioux-Sioux, Patches, IChaya, Whiskey, Chewie, and Rohan. And Betty.
Rebecca Pavia For our much loved companions, with thanks, the Molbury Family - Lonnie, Becca, Robby, Angela, Max and Barnum
Phyllis Brown In honor of the incomparable animal advocate, Betty White. She will live on forever in all of us.
Laura Goodman In honor of Betty White and her 100 th birthday today. RIP Betty and with the animals!!! I will try to continue helping the animals!!! Thank you Betty for being a good friend to all!!
Karolyn Hartzman To the memory of the wonderful Betty White, thank you for caring for the animals.
Alice Maltin This is in memory of Hercules Maltin, Heaven rest your gentle soul. Betty would have loved him.
Pam Farley In memory of Betty White. May we all be more like her.
Cris Tortolano Happy Birthday Betty White! May your memory be eternal!
Mary Arleen Finch In Honor of The Fabulous Betty White
Stephanie Ramos Happy Birthday, Betty. It doesn’t feel right going into 2022 without you but we are going to try to keep making this planet better for animals and one another
Violeta Gil For Betty White, happy birthday!! Hope you’re in a better place and if you see my little animals that have passed, give them a pet from me. Remembering you always.
Scott Stewart For Betty. A lovely soul that graced our presence. "Thank you for being a friend".
Julissa Mercado In honor if Dear Betty. We have our love for animals in common! Love you, Betty. #BettyWhiteChallenge
Brian Barge Wesley Eureka ridiculous hat auction winner.
Irene Hare For Betty White
Amanda Grable In Honor of Betty White.
Kevin Scullin In honor of the Centennial of Betty White.
Vanessa Soltero-Alomari Thank you Betty for all you warmth, laughter and love. You have always made me feel good about my decision to not have children and look after animals. I wish I could donate more now.
Brianne Heitz In honor of Betty White
David Schindler Betty White was incredible as a person even more than she was as an actor. I am so happy to make this contribution in her honor. Betty, thank you for all your years of service to humanity.
Gaylyn Fraiche Thank you for all you do, and Rest In Peace, Betty, knowing you are still helping animals.
Pat Alder For the cats, the dogs, all the fine animals that made our lives special and in memory of Betty...
Dustyn Taylor Happy Birthday Betty <3
Ashlie Oxford Betty touched my life in such a significant way. Today, on her 100th birthday, I’m paying it forward.
Diane Luginbill Thank you Betty!
Diane Luginbill Thank you Betty!
Sheila Davis Thank you both A&O and Betty White for all that you've done and continue to do.  That you for being a friend, indeed!
Oteka Billingsley Thank you Betty for the entertaining years you’ve given us. For your humor, your love of life, your empathy and humanity, your love and dedication to animals and many other beautiful traits you’ve possessed. You were one of a kind and you’ll be missed. Rest in heavenly peace.
Kyle Lysher For Betty!
Jeri Sledge The world is honoring you today Betty! Thank you for loving all animals and making this world a better place.
Sean Bagley Please accept this donation in memory of our wonderful Betty White! Happy Birthday, Betty!!!
Deborah Callaway In honor of Betty White
Kelli Burns In memory of Betty White ♥️
Lawrence Costa In honor of Betty White. Happy 100th Birthday! We miss and love you!
Colleen Devaney In honor of two beautiful animal lovers, Betty White and my mama, MJ Devaney! May you be reunited with all of the fur babies you cherished over the years. xo
Sarah Northrip Betty White was one of my favorite actresses and I know how much helping animals meant to her. I am happy to honor her 100th birthday.
Erin Allen Betty, thank you for being so caring and loving towards all of earths creatures that couldn’t speak for themselves.
Jennifer Kaufman For Betty
Priscilla Crupi We love animals and Betty. Thank you for being our friend! (You're the best friend we've ever had) 🐾
Issac Mayo-Reza Happy Birthday to Betty White! Your memory, energy and love will live forever, there is no doubt about that!
Samantha Clarke She was a beautiful person who used her fame for good and made people everywhere happy.
Tq Gaskins Thank you Betty for making me laugh! And my your endearing love for animals inspire the nation! Happy Birthday & RIP
Lynne Butler Happy Birthday Betty!
Laura Guglielmo A special and rare woman who I will miss forever. I love animals and I love Betty ❤️
Ryan Beach Thank you Betty White
Bryce Martin Happy Birthday Betty White
Alyssa Chute In memory of Betty White
Lisa Foerstel Happy birthday Betty .Thank you for being the best at entertaining us for so long , but the real gift was your love and dedication to helping all of the animals great and small. You learned that love of animals from your parents hopefully the world will learn to help and to be kind to animals from you. Thank you Betty for being a friend to all.
Anita Herrick Such a wonderful caring person!! I had the great fortune to meet her when I was working at The Shambala Preserve - I have so much respect and admiration for all she has done to help animals - God Bless Her!!
Danae Davis Happy birthday Betty. May every furry life you saved be there to greet you in heaven.
Melissa Brown In loving memory of Betty White
Linda Burtwell Sullivan I dreamed of meeting Betty one day as she has always been a part of my life and a hug from her would have made my life complete. Her acting, the laughter and now the tears as we say our goodbyes. Her love and caring for the well being of all animals has been a constant for which I had great admiration. Please continue Betty's mission with the fire and passion she had in her heart. God Bless you Betty. You will be deeply missed.
Kathryn Michele La Mantia In loving memory to Betty White. There will never be anyone as loved and adored as you. May we all remember your kindness and love to others, both two and four legged, and continue the same in your honor.
Kimberly Ritzheimer In memory of Betty White. Thanks for all the laughter!
Jacque Vogel In Betty's memory on her birthday
Michael Stern We love you forever Betty!
Beverly McManus Wesley Eure brought your organization to my attention
Roberta Nelson Happy birthday, Betty!
Dan Vercillo In honor of Betty White, my favorite entertainer! R.I.P. Betty White January 17, 1922 - December 31, 2021
Amberly Gavaldon Happy Birthday Betty, with love 💗 🐾
LiAnn Kumai In honor of Betty White 100th birthday celebration! Also, thank you to Actors and others for animals, for helping me get two of my rescue cats spayed/neutered.
Leslie Rous In memory of Betty White. Thank you for being a friend to all animals.
Michelle Burke In memory of Betty White <3
Kathryn Sandor Happy Birthday Betty!
Kathy Unkel Thank you Betty White
Lisa Bishop Thank you for being our friend, Betty!!
Jenny Luna For Betty! Thank you for making me laugh for over 50 years! Time to give back to what you loved, the animals! ♥♥♥♥
Sarah Hart Thank you for everything, Betty! <3
Jillyn Sidlo You'll always have the most special place in my heart Ms. Betty. Proud to have the memories I do of you through TalkinPets radio. I bet you were welcomed into heaven by a parade of thankful souls.
Chad Colebank THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you do!!! This donation to the Batty White Challenge is made in honor of all these lovely furry friends past and present... Deedee, Nova, Fritzy, Rones, Morgan, Evee, Onyxia, Lily, Charlie, Maya, Rocco, Lulu, Candy Darling, Natasha Fatale, Nico Puffkin, Vinnie the P, Ash, Voodoo, Grimoire, Solstice, Madamewselle, Philomena, Capone, Aleister, Berlioz, Doris, Darla, Cat Jeff, Pants,Rosie and Luna
Antone Ott In honor of our comedy Queen Betty White.
Julia Burke Happy 100th Birthday Betty! Thank you for being a friend!
Janice MacAvoy Thank you !
Monika Ritter In memory of my canine friends: Roxy, Yoshie, Cleo, Duncan.
Gwen Waggoner Her full life and passion for animals lives on in each of us.
Wayne Schulman Thank you Betty for all the laughs, I donate in honor of Maza.
Kathleen A Fangerv Thank you for your love of animals.
Cindy Besore In memory of Betty and all the good she did for animals. You will be missed greatly. Thank you for being a friend ❤ 💕
Jayne McKay God Bless Betty! You raised the bar very high in your loving life, and you’ll be remembered forever. Thank you. ❤️🐾🐾
Michael Lushing Happy Birthday Betty. We want to celebrate her life with a donation to a wonderful organization that we have supported for almost fifty years.
Stacey Santoro In honor of the amazing Betty White!
Cambria Hankin Happy 100th Betty
Patricia McShane Betty, thank you for being a friend. Rest in peace.
Jeanne Keller Happy 100th Birthday in Heaven Betty White!! We love you! Thank you for all the laughs. You were one of of kind and will be greatly missed. 🥰❤
Debbie Russell For Betty & Actors & Others for Animals - What an incredible person & actress!
Rebeccah Bush Honoring Betty White and her contributions to the health and welfare of all animals.
Jeri Taylor This is in honor of Betty white. Happy birthday Betty. Thanks
Carole Warren This is in honor of Betty's 100th birthday. My family went to every luncheon put on by A&O each year until the pandemic. Betty was always there and such a joy! She will be missed!
Sarah Ngo Happy heavenly birthday Betty!
Sara and Brian Clements-Tiberio This fund helped save one of our babies years ago when we discovered she had diabetes. In honor of her, our beautiful Blue, and the magnificent Betty White, we're honored to help others in need.
Brittany Crotty Thank you for being a friend, Betty White. ♡
Jennifer Behymer We will always miss you Mrs White. You were an amazing soul and will never be forgotten. This donation is in your name on your special day. Thank you for being a friend to the world.
Gerald Gomez In Betty's Memory.
Jennifer Behymer We will always miss you Mrs White. You were an amazing soul and will never be forgotten. This donation is in your name on your special day. Thank you for being a friend to the world.
Susan Johnson HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY, BETTY! ♥️
Alicia Pearlman In honor of Betty White's 100th Birthday ,a legend from my hometown of Oak Park, Ill.
Linda McDougal Thank you, Betty
Roberta Bates In memory of Betty White, she is my hero for all the work she did for animals in need. I wish it could be more, but I lost my job in 2020. Happy Heavenly Birthday Betty!
Pamela Monfre In Honor of Betty.
April Atkinson I'm donating $117.00 in honor of Betty's birthday today.
Lauren Penney For Betty
Alison Barnes We honor you Betty White!
Dawn Reay Happy 10th Birthday to Betty White. Thanks for loving animals your entire life.
Gary Steinberg For Betty 🎂
Sylvia Fredricks My brother Rob and I make this donation in honor of the incomparable Betty White.
Teresa Bradford For Betty.
Sandra Lode Happy Birthday Betty, thank you for being a friend.
Nancy Slack In memory of Betty White. We will miss you. Thanks for all the laughs. We love you, Betty! May you rest in peace.
Stephanie McMillen Please add this to the donations made in Betty White's name to help celebrate her 100th birthday.
Scherrykee Boyd Happy Birthday Betty White.
Peggy Warren Love, love, love ❤️
Kimberly Huff For all the luncheons and Roasts and silent auctions that are Betty took joy in being a part of... Thank you, Betty.
Armando Lopez Betty was an amazing person and should be a saint! Actors and others was there for my dog Max when he was very Ill and vets weren’t able to help! I got all the help I needed and I’m forever grateful.
Connie Billips In honor and with much love to Betty White.
Patricia DeNeut Dearest Betty...it's comforting to know you and Richard DeNeut are laughing together, once again.
Terri Smith Thank you, Betty.
Laurie Marshall Thank you Betty White, for all you did in your life and continue to do! 💗
Amanda Tackett For the animals in honor of the wonderful Betty White. Happy 100th Birthday, dear Betty!
S&R Sellery In memory of a great lady
Kathy Jo Bando Please accept this donation to Actors And Others in memory of Betty White. May her legacy and love for all animals continue in her honor! She will be sorely missed by countless fans like myself, but one lesson she has taught us all in her 99 years on this earth is to live selflessly and give back what you can. Happy Birthday, Betty. Thank you for being my friend through my television for 45 years!
Melissa Abrahams In honor of Betty White's 100th Birthday. Thank you for being a friend to all animals.
Sarah Smith Thank you, Betty White for your example.
Elicia Neumann For Betty White
Barbara Coker In the memory of Betty White... you will be missed but never forgotten... Rest in Peace....
Nancy Tullo Betty, Thank you for all the laughs. You will be missed.
Ernest Keeton In honor of the wonderful, incredible, and amazing friend of animals, Ms. Betty White (Ludden)!
Janet Frush #BettyWhiteChallenge Happy Heavenly 100th Birthday!
Brittney Hamilton Happy Birthday, Betty. And thank you for being a friend.
Dawn Noling Thank You For Being A Friend
Janice Capuani Thanks, Betty, for all you did.
Stacy Weiss In honor of Betty White.
Wesley Hyatt I loved Betty so much that I did a book on her TV career. I hope my contribution will aid to her legacy of helping your charity, that she clearly loved, do great work for animals in 2022.
Sarah Anderson Happy Birthday Betty ❤️
Vera Klein In Honor of Golden Girl Betty White! Who's in heaven now with God, and loved. Love + Respect, from Vera (+many animals)
Ralph Castaneda In memory of Betty White. Thank you for all you did for animals, all of the laughs you gave us and for being a part of my fond memories of Saturday nights, watching The Golden Girls with my grandmother.
Debbie McCollum In memory of the great Betty White. Miss you and may you RIP 💕
Wiliam Larkin In honor of Betty White :)
Shari Barrett In honor of Betty White.
Diane Blake For the animals in memory of Betty. ❤️
Hugh Sherrod In Honor of Betty White who have so much of her time helping the animals!
Patricia Smith For Betty White with love and gratitude for all she did for animals.
Paul Lisnek Honoring Betty and all she stood for on her 100th...with $100. I had the opportunity to interview year a few years back and she was as kind, genuine and caring as you could ever hope her to be!! May her memory be forever a blessing.
Audrey Stencel In memory of Betty White. Thinking of you and everything you did to help animals. You will be missed. Happy Heavenly Birthday.
Dana McNerney In memory of Betty White.
Sherri Rabinowitz In honor of your 100th birthday, your love animals, your goodness and kind heart. You will be missed.
Diana Illas I love Betty White. She will be greatly missed.
Patricia Bisi In Memory of Betty White.
Steven Brown Betty!! You are a LEGEND!! See you...
Kristina Frederick In memory of Bette White and in honor of Wesley Eure for his promotion.
Christine Stewart Thank you Betty for all you have done for animals. 🙏 ❤️
Katherine Walsh Betty was the best of us.
Sue Perrotto Thank you Betty for being a friend to All ~ human, furry and feathered.
Marjorie Richmond I had hoped you would make it to 100, that’s my goal, I will be 92 in June.
Thank you for all your help with animals.
Sandra Zub Oh the party that must have happened when Betty got to the Rainbow Bridge!
Patricia Finnegan This is in memory and honor for Betty White. I remember my grandma having the "Golden Girls" on when I was little. I felt close to her watching the reruns since her passing. She will truly be missed and I cannot think of another way to honor her. We love you Betty!
Andrea Townsend From now on, I ask WWBD - What Would Betty Do? I want to stay as young at heart as she was!
Wilhelmine Medeiros Love you Betty. And love animals.
Linda Ewald Betty, say "Hi!" to all of our pets at the 'Rainbow Bridge!' XO
Mitchell Kussoy Glad I can help. Such a wonderful person. She helped so many. Thanks for the years of entertainment Betty and memories. 🎬
Jana Thompson Will miss Betty White. Long live her spirit in all of us.
Justin Davis Thank you for being there during my time of need.
Susan Ritter Betty White was, and continues to be, an incredible angel to animals. She inspired me throughout my life and was the prime example of just how much one person could help improve and change the life of animals. We were gifted by her presence for 99 amazing years, but her legacy will live on and continue to improve the lives of animals for generations to come. Thank you Betty, for being a guiding light to all of us. May you be snuggling with all the animals in heaven and shining down on us as we continue your work and, hopefully, make you proud.
Heather Lee Thank you Betty!❤️
Bren Tully In honor of the amazing Betty White!
Michele Harris Betty, I hope all the years of laughter you gave to us are now yours many times over. Thank YOU for the gift of you!
Paulette Merrell Thank you Betty for all you did for animals.
Jennifer Phillips I've loved Betty White ever since I can remember! I grew up watching Golden Girls and have loved seeing her do what she does best! I've supported Actors & Others through the years and am proudly donating in honor of her! I always thought of her as family since I grew up. Jennifer White! :)
Cynthia Dalrymple Beautiful person. Incredible love for God's creatures. You will be missed.
Lauren Besman In memory of Betty, may other animals benefit because of your love, you will be missed.
Leonora Horwin Betty White forever!
Katherine Wider For all the goodness Betty White brought, we are thankful to make a celebratory donation to Actors & Others for Animals which we respect and thank for spay/neuter and vet medical care of dogs and cats.
The Wider Family
Dan Goggin From everyone at "Nunsense." We say thanks for making us laugh!
Wilda George I thank Betty for her loving work with animals.
Joyce Scheyhing In memory of Betty White
Joan Sutton It’s in honor for Betty White!
Kathleen Veaudry In your memory. Thank you for your caring and humor
Kimberly Phelan God Bless Betty White, thank you for being everyone’s grandma.
Bruce Schatzman Honoring the great Betty White. She gave us all so much love and so many smiles.
Oliver Plunien Thank you, Betty White!
Patricia Tobias Just because she meant SO much to so many of us...
Kathryn Brauchle We love you, Betty!!!
Paul Mooney I was lying in bed last night and I couldn’t sleep, and I came up with an idea. So I went right home and wrote it down. Betty White as Sue Ann Nivens in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."
M Sheehan In the memory of Betty White.. What a great gal.
Sheila Hardie In memory of Betty White.
Jennifer Blair Rest in joy and power, Betty - we love you!
Patricia Brown Rest in peace Betty White. You will be missed always.
Pam Rainey Betty, you were such a hoot! I hope you are surrounded by animals and your loving husband. We love you!
Meagan Ruth Thank you, Betty. Not just for all you’ve done for animals, but for what you’ve given me. Many, many laughs over the years. You are truly an icon, and will never be forgotten. Missing your wit already. 💛
Robin Edinger In Memory of Betty White, a champion animal activist who gave of herself to make life easier for animals. Rest in Peace.
Courtney Riley For the years of entertainment Betty White provided to me, I make this donation to one of her favorite causes.
Stephanie Hunter In memory of Betty White one of a kind you will be missed.
Kristal Jetkins I remember when I was given my first furbaby. I was so clueless to the financial responsibility and so much more. Short story I found this organization to help with spay cost for my baby. And I remember Betty's name was attached to this organization. I really needed the help at that time. I only had to pay $50 for Naomi's spay surgery. So, so grateful. My baby went on to live a long, beautiful life until it was her time. Thank you Betty. RIP lovely lady.
Kathleen DAmore Betty White gave me so many laughs & wonderful TV memories but her devotion to animals was as amazing!
Amber Mutchler Betty White was a gift to this world. To animals and humans alike. I will deeply miss her.
Cristy Fischbeck Betty White will be missed dearly by everyone. She was one of a kind classy lady.  I loved what she did for all the animals.  RIP Betty White.
Glenda Spence Bless Betty White - she made life better for so many animals and she spread her joy to us humans, too.  We will miss her on this earth.
Donna Cromeans Donation in memory of Betty White, great actress and friend to animals.
Michael Nobles Farewell Betty, you brought us all laughter and hope
Kimberly Conley For all that she did.
Theresa Myers For all you did. Thank you for being a friend.
Dennis Bargas For all your wonderful contributions to the world.
Michelle Burke For Betty. Thanks for all the laughs <3
Karen Cathey For making us smile.
Rebecca McAlary I am profoundly sad to hear of Betty White's passing today. May my small donation do much good in her name.
Camille Pety I can't believe we have to live on a planet without this wonderful person on it. We love you, Betty, and we always will <3
Michael Cohen I know your organization was important to Betty White. Her contribution to TV and comedy shaped my life. This is a small way to say thank you to her.
Emily Reed In honor of Betty White.
Terry Simpson In honor of Betty White.
Riley Fisher In honor of Betty White and all that she did for humans and animals! Forever remembered, forever thankful.
Meredith Summer In honor of Betty. May you rest in peace.
Robert Abraham In honor of the Great Betty White. Thank you for all you've done.
Ursula Dickeson In memory of Betty White.
Angelita Fair In memory of Betty White.
Kathy Kreutzer In memory of Betty White.
Melodee Rawlins In memory of Betty White.
Gail Ladabaum In memory of Betty White.
Carol Geffner In memory of my mom whose name was also Betty and a huge dog lover. I am as well and look forward to learning more about your organization.
Kathleen MacMaster In memory of our wonderful Betty White.
Mary Rafferty In memory of.
Sandra Kinne May she rest in peace
Justine Storrie Rest in Love, Golden Goddess. <3
Bernie Piché Rest in Peace Betty White
Ashley Shaw Rest In Peace to the greatest, Betty White
Barbara Waxer Rest in power.
Diane Dunn Rest in sweet peace, dear Betty.
John Mayfield RIP Betty White.
karen chiella RIP Betty.
Tracy Arsenault RIP Ms. White you were such an inspiration. Thank you for all you've done for the animals.
Casey Pilkenton RIP to a true legend and lover of all creatures, Betty White. Thank you for being a friend.
Janet West She has such a wonderful legacy and in particular her love of animals.
Mari Scott She was a gem.
Watts Kelly Thank you for being a friend to so many animals.
David Hurst Thank you for your commitment to animal welfare and strengthening this organization.
Deborah Nesbitt We will miss you, Betty!
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