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SpayCalifornia, a state-wide referral network/database to connect people throughout the State of California with participating programs and veterinarians offering low cost spay/neuter services.
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About Us, About Actors and Others for Animals

It has been said that “great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” During our long history, we have struggled, persevered and succeeded. We greet each day and every request for help, whether routine or trying, with total involvement and steadfast determination. One day at a time, one step at a time, Actors and Others has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of animals and humans alike. We proudly share some of the more memorable moments.


2019 – 2021

  • A&O marked its 50 Anniversary in 2021 amidst the complications of Covid-19.
  • 2020 brought new challenges and roadblocks of Covid-19. Never shut our doors and continued to help as many animals as possible.
  • Received top rated seal for each year 2019-2021.
  • Humane Education program presented in 18 Los Angeles City and County librariese.
  • Worked with the Latino Alliance for Animal Care Foundation to offer special spay/neuter program in underserved communities.
  • A&O continues its focus on spay/neuter and received grants from the Petco Foundation and the Ethel Frends Foundation.


  • Petco Foundation awards several grants for free spay/neuter surgeries in San Bernardino County.
  • A&O receives a top rated seal from Great Nonprofits
  • Humane Education continues its program with Los Angeles City and County libraries geared at elementary age students, but also reaches the parents and grandparents who accompany them.
  • A&O receives grants from the Ethel Frends Foundation, Bank of America, N.A. Trustee to support and promote canine care.
  • A&O expands its Pet Assisted Therapy program into high schools and colleges and continues to add hospitals, rehabilitation centers and convalescent homes.

2012 -2017

  • Petco Foundation awards several grants for free spay/neuter surgeries in Riverside County for which A&O collaborated with the Riverside County Animal Services
  • A&O joins the California Animal Welfare Association
  • NBC Weatherman Fritz Coleman who actually got his start as a stand-up comic performs his comedy act on growing up and older to benefit A&O.
  • A&O celebrates the holidays with a “Joy to the Animals” luncheon
  • A&O receives a grant from the Doris Day Foundation to reach the senior population in need of financial help with veterinary care.
  • A&O receives a grant from the ASPCA for its Emergency Medical program. New website design is introduced containing videos of actual spay/neuter surgeries.
  • A&O presents “Best in Show,” a parody of the very popular movie with celebrity guests showing videos of their own pets
  • A&O presents “Celebrity Autobiography” where celebrity guests recited excerpts of the autobiographies of the famous and infamous.
  • Lily Tomlin joins the Board. She is also given the Hope Award at the 2013 Petco Foundation Gala and donates a portion of her honorarium to A&O.
  • New logo is unveiled. SpayCalifornia joins United Spay Alliance, an organization unifying all state referral programs.
  • Working with Mojave Desert Apple Rescue, A&O provides free spay/neuter services for the pets of the homeless in the City of Victorville.
  • A&O is the recipient of the Petco Foundation’s Fourth Annual Hope Gala with board member Betty White receiving the 2012 Hope Award.
  • A&O begins an association with The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, Rachael Ray Nutrish and the LA County Animal Care Foundation to administer a free spay/neuter program in El Monte and Baldwin Park.
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  • In 2011 A&O Celebrates its 40th Anniversary by once again saluting the very popular Betty White and by looking back on a history of positive change in the way our society views and treats animals. Betty was also the first recipient of the Betty White Award to honor individuals who have inspired public awareness and appreciation of animals.
  • In 2010 in recognition of Spay Day A&O announces 400 FREE spay/neuter surgeries of pet cats residing in Los Angeles County. Within hours over 400 applications are received and 987 surgeries were performed.
  • A&O launches SpayCalifornia, a state-wide referral network/database that connects pet guardians throughout the State of California with low cost spay/neuter services.
  • The E.A.R.L. (Emergency Animal Relief Lifeline) Fund is established in the name of president emeritus Earl Holliman to carry out his vision to help animals in need and to honor his many years of dedication and leadership. This Fund will provide larger subsidies for a select number of more serious medical requests.
  • A Humane Education presentation begins in LA City Libraries.
  • A&O Toasts Carol Channing and Rowan and Martin’s “Laugh In.”
  • A&O receives a two-year grant from the California Community Foundation to provide spay/neuter services for the underserved pet guardians of Los Angeles County.
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  • A&O receives a three-year grant from the California Community Foundation to provide an additional 500 surgeries a year to expand the FREE Pit Bull and Pit Bull spay/neuter program and extend it to include Rottweilers and Rottweiler mixes.
  • Board Member Loretta Swit travels to Maine to testify before a Senate Taxation Committee to assist in the passing of a bill to fund a state-wide spay/neuter program through a voluntary tax write-off.
  • A&O provides medical and spay/neuter assistance for animals rescued from Hurricane Katrina and brought back to the Los Angeles area.
  • In 2005 A&O presents its first Celebrity Roast raking our own Betty White over the coals.
  • A&O offers a free spay/neuter program for Chihuahua and Chihuahua mixes to complement the very successful Pit Bull and Rottweiler program.
  • In 2007 Earl Holliman retires as President after 31 years handing over the gavel to JoAnne Worley.
  • A&O celebrates its 35th Anniversary with a Toast to Dick Van Dyke, followed the next year with a Toast to Fred Willard.
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  • Working with the City of Los Angeles, S.N.A.P of Texas and the Coalition of Pets and Public Safety, A&O assists the City’s Mobile Spay/Neuter Van meet its demand for sterilization services.
  • A&O signs on as a National member of American Partnership for Pets. Established in conjunction with the September, 2002 issuance of commemorative Spay/Neuter postage stamps, this coalition of diverse and influential animal welfare organization united to focus on the need for wide-spread sterilization.
  • Using an old Animal Control truck supplied by Pet Assistance, A&O begins new pilot program at a large, local trailer park to offer one-on-one assistance and transportation with the goal of sterilizing all resident pets and feral cats.
  • A&O institutes a new program to provide FREE spay/neuter surgeries for Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes in the Los Angeles area after a series of unprovoked and particularly violent dog attacks ignite breed panic.
  • A&O unites with other well-respected humane groups in Los Angeles to form the Coalition to End Pet Overpopulation. CEPO is a leading force in gaining passage of new dog license and breeder legislation aimed at promoting pet sterilization.
  • Pledges and provides an additional $50,000 in spay/neuter subsidies with the passage of the new legislation.
  • Expands feral cat assistance program to assist businesses (such as Boeing and Los Angeles County Juvenile Hall) and colleges (Valley College) establish authorized Feral Cat retention programs.
  • Working together with the Doris Day Animal League, Board Member Loretta Swit testifies before Congress to prohibit “crush” videos (mostly sold over the Internet these videos depict woman in high heel shoes crushing to death small animals).
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  • To celebrate 25 years of service to the local community, A&O pledges an unprecedented $100,000 in one month to spaying and neutering Los Angeles City and County companion animals free of charge in a signature program entitled, Let’s Get a Fix on L.A. ”
  • A&O introduces an animal awareness pin to promote respect and understanding for all living creatures.
  • A&O becomes a founding sponsor of the Primarily Primates retirement sanctuary for retired laboratory Chimpanzees.
  • A&O successfully fights to continue the protection of native California mountain lions under Proposition 197.
  • A&O steps up efforts to ensure humane treatment of horses in racing.
  • To help ensure quality care for animal companions, A&O establishes a Veterinary Technician scholarship at Mt. San Antonio College.
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  • A&O works overtime to keep pace with the triple disasters that strike the L.A. basin. Volunteers search for lost animals, arrange emergency medical treatment, deliver much-needed supplies and help to reunite pets with frantic owners during devastating Altadena and Malibu Canyon fires, Malibu floods and the Northridge earthquake.
  • A&O lends its voice to those of many others to pass the California Downed Animal Bill to mandate the humane treatment of sick and injured stockyard animals throughout the state.
  • Financial assistance is sent to aid animal victims of the Illinois floods.
  • A special fund for the Humane Society of Tokyo is established to purchase food, medical supplies and temporary housing for animals displaced and injured during the Kobe, Japan earthquake.
  • A&O intensifies its efforts to assist low income pet owners by creating a special fund to subsidize major veterinary surgeries.
  • A&O distributes 50,000 pounds of donated food to low income pet owners.
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  • A&O rushes to the aid of forgotten animal victims of the infamous L.A. riots, supplying food and emergency vet care while lending emotional support to their human companions.
  • In the wake of the Landers/Big Bear earthquake, A&O steps in to enable a damaged South Central Animal Shelter continue to function.
  • A&O introduces celebrity autographed merchandise as a popular fundraising product line.
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  • A&O inaugurates a Pet Assisted Therapy program in conjunction with Northridge Hospital. The program aims to comfort seriously ill patients and provide tension relief for staff. Other care facilities, including The Motion Picture and Television Hospital, soon join the program.
  • A&O’s tremendously successful Humane Education Program is created to educate Kindergarten through 6th grade children about compassion for fellow creatures.
  • A&O supports Proposition 117, successfully passed to protect native mountain lions from would-be trophy hunters.
  • A&O vice president Jackie Joseph represents A&O at the first “March for the Animals” in Washington, D.C.
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  • A&O receives the 1985 Telly Award, the advertising industry’s top honor for public service announcements, in tribute to the It’s the Least You Can Do for a Friend” international campaign.
  • A&O transports and distributes over 7,500 cases of donated cat food to disabled, senior and financially challenged pet owners.
  • A&O joins in the “Torch of Hope” campaign to end the slow and painful deaths of dogs and cats in South Korea for human consumption. A&O celebrity board members and supporters help to secure the passage of Assembly Bill 1842, making it illegal in the U.S. to kill companion animals for human consumption.
  • A&O president Earl Holliman is saluted by Gorillas in the Mist director, Michael Apted, who acknowledges that it was Holliman’s ABC interview with Dian Fossey in Rwanda that inspired the hit film.
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  • A&O wages war on cat overpopulation by committing an unprecedented $30,000 to the “Have a Heart” spay/neuter program.
  • Together with other dedicated colleagues, A&O files a lawsuit against the County of Los Angeles to stop pound seizure.
  • A&O launches a vigorous campaign to promote responsible pet ownership by televising public service announcements featuring celebrity spokespersons. (The program becomes a precursor to current-day celebrity PSAs promoting safe sex, family values, staying in school and non-violent conflict resolution).
  • A&O donates the “Petmobile” to the City of Los Angeles to assist pet owners who are otherwise unable to transport their animals for veterinary care.
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  • A&O wages war on cat overpopulation by committing an unprecedented $30,000 to the “Have a Heart” spay/neuter program.
  • Together with other dedicated colleagues, A&O files a lawsuit against the County of Los Angeles to stop pound seizure.
  • A&O launches a vigorous campaign to promote responsible pet ownership by televising public service announcements featuring celebrity spokespersons. (The program becomes a precursor to current-day celebrity PSAs promoting safe sex, family values, staying in school and non-violent conflict resolution).
  • A&O donates the “Petmobile” to the City of Los Angeles to assist pet owners who are otherwise unable to transport their animals for veterinary care.
  • A&O Joins with L.A. County to institute the highly successful Pet Adoption Days at local shelters.
  • A&O takes an active interest in the issue of pet abandonment on U.S. military bases in foreign countries by forging a relationship with the Humane Society of Guam.
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  • A&O’s many years of hard work pay off when California legislature outlaws the use of the decompression Chamber.
  • More than 1,000 abandoned companion animals are placed in loving homes through A&O’s Pet Adoption Program.
  • A&O sends much needed support to Harrisburg, PA to assist animal victims of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident.
  • A&O helps to fund a unique mobile unit designed to provide Los Angeles animals with shelter, first-aid and care during natural disasters.
  • As a result of the unrelenting pressure from A&O and other local humane organizations, Mayor Tom Bradley signs an ordinance to abolish pound seizure from city shelters for scientific experimentation purposes.
  • A&O funds an animal treatment center to administer emergency veterinary care to abused, abandoned or injured exotic animals at the Wildlife Waystation in the Angeles National Forest.
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  • A&O speaks out in support of legislation which outlaws greyhound racing in California.
  • A&O awards its first Humanitarian Award to 87 year old Minnie Blumfield, who captures the hearts of all of Los Angeles by becoming the self-appointed guardian to a flock of chickens that narrowly escaped death in an overturned truck on the Hollywood Freeway.
  • A&O sees a dream become reality when The Roberti Bill is signed into law, making it unlawful to publicly screen any film in which the deliberate abuse of an animal occurred.
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  • A&O hosts its second annual “Celebrity Fair” drawing celebrity supporters such as Doris Day, Lucille Ball, Mayor Tom Bradley, Rick Nelson and hundreds of autograph seeking animal lovers.
  • A&O appears in force before the L.A. Board of Supervisors to oppose pound seizure in city shelters for scientific experimentation.
  • A&O launches a campaign to fight animal abuse and cruelty in the making of films. Supporters are urged to boycott films which have been made at the expense of animal suffering.
  • To curb the mounting problem of pet overpopulation, A&O lobbies for low-cost spay and neuter faculties throughout L.A. County.
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  • Actors and Others for Animals is conceived by the late actor Richard Basehart and his wife, Diana, to promote the humane treatment of animals.
  • Peabody award-winning newsman Dick Carlson becomes A&O president. His gripping ABC documentary “Pounds of Sadness” helps to expose inhumane shelter conditions in Los Angeles.
  • A&O launches a vigorous campaign to abolish the decompression chamber as a tool of the trade from area animal shelters.
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